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Save in silver bars

You choose silver as savings target.
With each purchase, you will be allocated parts of large silver bars.

250g Gold
Precious metal with antibacterial effect

Due to its antibacterial properties silver is the most important precious metal for medical use. The industry benefits from this effect in refrigerators and washing machines. The ancient Egyptians recognised the benefits and stored drinking water in silver-covered vessels.

Highest conductivity of all metals

Silver has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of all metals and is installed in every car, mobile phone and every light switch. Silver does not oxidize and is irreplaceable in industry.

is consumed

Silver benefits from the fact that only a small part of it is seen as investment metal, and that most of the annual new production is needed for industrial purposes.

"The urgently needed and outgoing silver is not properly assessed and represents a unique opportunity."
Ted Butler - Silver Analyst
Silver reserves are coming to an end

Silver cannot be mined indefinitely. The total amount that can still be mined is estimated to be approx. 510 000 tonnes and is only enough for about 20 years with the same production rate.

The demand for silver is rising

The worldwide water scarcity leads to the development of new ways of water production using silver. The growing world population requires electrical equipment and the demand for medical applications is increasing.

Other applications are solar plants. Solar energy is an emerging area that requires a high future silver demand.